990V Low VOC Polyurethane Finish
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Akzonobel has launched Interthane 990V, a new polyurethane finish with a volatile organic compound (VOC) level below 250 grams per liter. The new product meets tighter standards recently introduced in Utah and those expected in many Northeast states in coming months. Several California Air Districts already require 250 grams per liter for industrial manufacturing coatings.

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Enviroline® 2405 offers outstanding long term chemical and corrosion protection to crude and petroleum bulk storage tanks, process vessels, secondary containment and the internal and external lining for buried transmission pipelines.

Our high performance Enviroline® 2405 is suitable for use with both standard airless and plural component spray equipment to allow for easy installation of a full linings system in a single coat. No additional thinning or heating of the material is needed with Enviroline® 2405 which helps reduce application costs. Productivity is further enhanced with return to service times in as little as 48 hours at 77 degrees F.

The ultra-low VOC formulation (98% solids) assists in reducing solvent emissions, which aids in VOC legislative compliance.

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Enviroline 2405 Low VOC, High Temperature Lining
Enviroline 405HTR Glass Reinforced Lining
Excellence refined — building on the technology platform of Enviroline 405HT. The next generation Enviroline 405HTR brings several important performance improvements to the oil and gas customer. Be sure and visit the resource section below for more details.

•    Multiple temperature range applications
•    Added reinforcement and flake fiber additives
•    Improved chemical resistance properties
•    Improved application properties
•    Low VOC and high solids formulation

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Polibrid 705E Elastomeric Polyurethane
Polibrid 705E — 100% solids, solventless, odorless, elstomeric polyurethane coating. Provides corrosion protection for steel and concrete suitable for numerous immersion, chemical, abrasion and impact
resistant applications 

    -    Solvent free and Zero VOC
    -    High film thickness in a single coat (5mm+ if required)
    -    Fast curing/low temperature curing
    -    Extremely low Moisture Transmission Rate
    -    Flexible, elastic, crack resistant, abrasion and chemical resistant
    -    Suitable for steel and concrete substrates

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