Protective Coatings Dealer Program

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Digital Selling Aids Library

Please browse the below selling aids and click on the brochure name link to download to your computer for marketing to your customers and applicators.
NOTE: These are not high resolution print ready images. They are made for attaching to documents when communicating product information.

Devoe Bar-Rust 4p Brochure                                    Devthane Urethanes 4p Brochure                                      Pre-Prime 167 4p Brochure

Tru-Glaze WB 4p Brochure                                        Devoe Single Pak 4p Brochure                             Bar-Rust 234P 4p Brochure                                     

     Cathacoat 302H 2p Sell Sheet                                 Tru-Glaze WB 4015 2p Sell Sheet                                     Devthane 349QC 2p Sell Sheet

       Devran 223 2p Sell Sheet                                          Bar-Rust 2
34P 2p Sell Sheet                                            Devmat 101 2p Sell Sheet                                                                 
       Devchem 253 2p Sell Sheet                                      Devcryl 1448 DTM Semi-Gloss Sell Sheet                     
Devlac 1437 2p Sell Sheet

Devchem 256 2p Sell Sheet                                     Devran 4p Product Family Brochure                                 Tru-Glaze WB 4015 2p Brochure

       Tru-Glaze WB 4426/4428 2p Brochure                   Devmat 100 2p Sell Sheet         


Water & Waste Water Market

     Colored Pipe Identification Guide                              NAM W&WW Market Product 6p Brochure                      NAM W&WW Mini Systems Guide

     NAM W&WW Master Industry Guide                          Global W&WW OEM Brochure

OEM Market

    OEM Market Brochure 4p

Independent Dealer Market Segment Guides

    General Manufacturing                                                 Institutional and Healthcare                                               Recreation and Amusement

    Hotels and Hospitality                                                  NEW Flooring Selector Guide


Water & Waste Water Market

    City of Monroe TR BR233H                           City of Porterville TR BR233H BR234P                Moulton Niguel TR BR233H BR234P

   Rio Vista TR BR233H BR234P                       Oro Loma WWTP TR Misc                              Crystal Lake TR 201H 379

    Braidwood WWTP TR 224HS


    Devoe Single Component Systems Guide              Devoe HPC Condensed Product Manual                  International Paint Condensed Product Manual

    Devoe HPC Colors of Industry C Card                      Devoe Quick Product Reference Guide                     Devoe PC Solvent Guide