Who is International Paint?

International Paint has operated within the coatings industry for over 100 years and supplies protective, marine and yacht coatings to some of the largest companies around the world.

International Protective Coatings is part of AkzoNobel, the world’s largest coatings supplier. So what makes us different from other suppliers?
Well, the answer is one we are proud of.
  • Global Reach – Operational bases in 60 countries
  • More than 5,100 employees world wide
  • Proven, environmentally responsible solutions
  • Maximizing our customers’ return on investment
  • A commitment to innovation and sustainability
  • Sole supplier of Devoe High Performance Coatings

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Maximize Productivity with Intercure® 4500
Productivity and Time Savings
The high build characteristics, outstanding anti-corrosive, and UV performance of polyaspartic resin technology means that
Intercure 4500 can do the job of two products. Replace traditional multi-coat systems with a single coat either direct to metal or over a primer. Available for C3, C4, and C5-I ISO Environments.
Low VOC Emissions
The high solids and low VOC's formulation of Intercure 4500, combined with a reduction in the number of coats can help reduce overall VOC emissions.
Rapid Cure Even at Low Temperatures
This unique feature maximizes productivity and allows use in colder climates.

Ease of Application
Easy to apply with a variety of pump and tip sizes and standard equipment and retains rapid cure capabilities in low temperature environments.
Saves Energy
Intercure 4500's low temperature and rapid cure design reduces shop heating costs for facilities using forced drying equipment.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a Polyaspartic product?
Polyaspartic's offer better drying times, throughput, gloss and color retention and lower VOC's than urethanes. Intercure 4500 allows for higher film build and ease of application.

Why should I substitute this product with what I’m currently using?
Provides a reduction in coats: one coat vs. a two coat system or a two coat  vs. a three coat system with higher corrosion resistance. When applied correctly Intercure 4500 will have no sagging and rework issues.

What makes this product unique?
Intercure 4500 is specifically engineered to maximize paint shop throughput; providing benefits to OEM’s and steel fabricators by minimizing drying time and number of coats.

What colors are available?
It is available in select colors from our white base, light base, and deep base that can be tinted. Complete the form above and submit your request for your color match.

How fast and low can this product dry at?
At 50% humidity the product will be hard dry 1.5 hours at 104°F (40°C) and 3.5 hours at 41°F (5°C). Can be handled within the hour. See technical information above.

Is your new product on our spec for the owners we build for?
This product may not be on your spec. If you would like specification assistance please click here to locate an engineering sales representative in your area.
Intercure 4500 is specially formulated to provide rapid cure and reduced coats to aid throughput in fabrication and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) environments. Intercure is based on polyaspartic resin technology.

Our high performance Intercure® 4500 semi-gloss primer finish can vastly improve your productivity, with it's excellent anti-corrosion and aesthetic properties. This allows you to replace traditional multi-coat systems with a single coat primer either direct to metal or over a primer.

Productivity is further enhanced with hard dry times as low as two hours at 77°F (25°C) 50% RH.
  • Rapid Cure even at low temperatures
  • Ease of application
  • Productivity and time savings
  • Improved handling times
  • Reduced need for shop heating and forced drying
  • Reduces the number of coats
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Color retention/UV resistance

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VOC (g)
Traditional System:
Epoxy DTM
Polyaspartic System:
Intercure 4500
VOC in ISO 12944 C3 Environment

Technical Information
Color                      Limited color range available.
Volume Solids     77% ±1%
Film Thickness   6-10 mils (150-250 microns)
Mix Ratio              4:1 by volume
      Touch Dry*                       Hard Dry*                     Min. Recoat*
41°F (5°C)             60 minutes                      3 1⁄2 hours                   3 1⁄2 hours
59°F (15°C)           45 minutes                      2 1⁄2 hours                   2 1⁄2 hours
77°F (25°C)           30 minutes                      2 hours                         2 hours
104°F (40°C)         15 minutes                      1 1⁄2 hours                  1 1⁄2 hours
VOCs                      1.87lbs/gal (225 g/l) - USA – EPA Method 24

*The dry times quoted have been determined at the temperature indicated and 50% relative humidity
Polyaspartic System:
Intercure 4500
Traditional System:
Epoxy DTM
Drying Time at 77°F (25°C)
ISO 12944 C3 Environment

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