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Our linings will protect in various chemical environments.
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Chemical and corrosion attack on steel and concrete can be costly and affect your business’ bottom line. Chemical and corrosion attack can:
  • Create hazardous work environment
  • Disrupt the manufacturing process
  • Cause a plant shutdown
  • Lead to lost revenue 
International Paint is here to help. During our 100 years of history we have designed an extensive range of best in class linings using proven proprietary technology that provides the right protection on concrete or steel in the most aggressive chemical environments.

Inorganic Acids Organic Acids
Hydrochloric Acid Acetic Acid
Hydrofluoric Acid Citric Acid
Nitric Acid Formic Acid
Phosphoric Acid Lactic Acid
Sulfuric Acid  
Alkalis Alcohol / Esters / Ketones Aromatic Solvents
Ammonium Hydroxide Acetone Toluene
Sodium Hydroxide Butanol Xylene
Potassium Hydroxide Propanol  
  Butyl Acetate  
Oxidizers Ethanol  
Sodium Hypochlorite Methanol  
Chlorine Dioxide Methyl Isobutyl Ketone  
Hydrogen Peroxide Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG)  
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Aromatic Hydrocarbons Salts
Aviation Fuel Sweet Crude Oil Aluminium Sulfate
Gasoline Sour Crude Oil Ammonium Chloride
Kerosene   Ammonium Nitrate
    Ammonium Sulfate
    Copper Sulfate
    Ferric Sulfate
    Ferrous Sulfate
    Sodium Carbonate
    Sodium Cyanide
    Sodium Sulfate
Drinking Water Non Drinking Water Suspensions
Potable Water Demineralized Water Limestone Slurries
  Deionized Water Mud (Drilling)
  Distilled Water  
  Fresh Non Drinking Water  
  Municipal Waste Water  
  Water /
Waste water
Solvents Caustics Mineral acids Organic acids Vegetable oils / fatty acids
Epoxy ±
Phenolic Epoxy ± ± ±
Novolac Epoxy ± ±
Polycyclamine cured Novolac ±
Vinyl Ester ± ±
Novolac Vinyl Ester ± ±
= Generally Suitable
± = Sometimes Suitable
✘ = Generally Unsuitablle
Chemical environments and resin suitability.
Products and Technical Service available worldwide.

Industry trusted products for industry proven solutions in:
Oil and Gas
Metal Finishing
Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment

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  • Shutdowns go as planned and avoid delays
  • Mitigate risk and save your company money in the planning phase
  • Ensure you will get value for your purchase with life cycle design
  • Review the small details and protect your asset
  • Select the right lining to fit your turnaround schedule
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  • Identify local contractors in your area to get the job done right
  • Provide expert technical support
  • In the event of a unplanned shutdown or repair
We've got you covered!
Linings Failures are Costly! We can Help.
Enviroline 2405 High Temperature
Chemical Resistant Lining

  • Single coat, high build application
  • Single leg airless application
  • Resists crude oil storage up to 203F
  • Visit the launch site

Enviroline 405HTR Glass
Reinforced High-Temp Lining

  • Rapid cure time (14 hours)
  • Crude oil storage up to 249F
  • Multiple temperature ranges
  • Multiple applications
  • Visit the launch site

Check out the newest additions to the North America linings product range:
Polibrid 705E
  •  Solvent free and Zero VOC
  •  High film thickness in a single coat  (5mm+ if required)
  •  Fast curing/low temperature curing
  •  Flexible, elastic, crack resistant,  abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Visit the launch site